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How Riz Ahmed Stretches Culture

Fifteen years in, the multi-hyphenate actor and musician consistently produces the deep cuts when it comes to Brown culture and history — and, now, he’s creating for himself.

Pakistan’s Trans TikTok Stars

Trans women are trading the sidelines for the spotlight, with TikTok giving them a space to showcase their humor, talent, and joy.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Pilgrimage to India

History still sees the legacies of the civil rights activist and independence leader Mahatma Gandhi as deeply intertwined.

Pursuing Happiness with Ravi Patel

We interviewed the comedic actor to find out how entertainment became a Patel family affair.

The Fabulous and Boring Lives of Bollywood Wives

The reality show offers neither a salacious escape nor an anthropological window into people we care about.

Kamala Harris Vogue Cover Sparks Controversy

Vogue’s decision to portray Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as “approachable,” rather than powerful, draws criticism and demands for more diversity.

Hrishikesh Hirway, a Masterclass in the Interview

We interviewed the interviewer, asking the brains behind “Song Exploder,” “Home Cooking,” and “The West Wing Weekly” what makes him so good.

How Chili Peppers Spiced Up the South Asian Palate

Whether fresh, dried, tempered, roasted, fried, powdered, stuffed, or pickled, the not-so-native fruit has become deeply enmeshed in regional cuisines.

The Sexpert Uncle of India

Dr. Mahinder Watsa — who died on December 30, 2020 — became famous for answering his country's most taboo questions, from female pleasure to bestiality.

Music and Moonlight

In a culture where romance too often must be conducted in secrecy, the moon has come to symbolize the sole companion to love.


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