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Sarah Thankam Mathews

Sarah Thankam Mathews is a writer who used to work in political advocacy. She is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, and has been published in outlets including The Kenyon Review and Buzzfeed Reader.

Giving Dal Its Due

On the long history of the lentil in South Asian motherlands and its resonance during the pandemic.

The Uncancellable Jameela Jamil

In a time where beauty and marginalization are both strange forms of currency, some react to the Jameela Jamils of the world as hoarders of wealth.

Elizabeth Warren Holds a Mirror to Our Failing

Nobody *deserves* to be president. But Warren deserved better than she got.

CAA and The Instagram Baddie

Should diasporic influencers pause self-exoticizing on Instagram and sound the alarm against fascism?

Kamala Harris's Truth

Lessons from a historic and flailing candidacy.

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