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The Evolution of Padma Lakshmi

Her latest show “Taste the Nation” is just the culmination of who she’s always been: an authentic food writer, history nerd, and steward of culture.

Who’s Afraid of Ifti Nasim?

The swashbuckling life and legacy of a Pakistani American gay icon.

Revisiting the Model Minority Myth, 20 Years Later

Two decades after the publication of ‘The Karma of Brown Folk,’ Vijay Prashad revisits his seminal book and advocates for concrete change today.

The Deal of a Lifetime: Reliance’s Jio Platforms

Major investments into an ostensibly asset-light tech business are actually betting on Jio’s telco dominance. Everything else is just the cherry on top.

Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop the Indian Mango

Nearly 15 years after the infamous “nuclear mango deal,” Indian mangos are still hard to come by in the U.S. But there’s still hope.

Irrfan Khan, the People’s Actor

Amid Bollywood’s commercialism and Hollywood’s token characters, Khan carved out a niche for himself with pure technical skill.

The Unexpected Rise of Rishi Sunak

U.K. citizens are finding comfort in the Chancellor’s well-informed nerdiness during an uncertain time.

Never Have I Ever Seen A Show Like This

Yes, Mindy Kaling’s highly-anticipated Netflix series was worth the wait.

The Pickle Ready for the Worst

Even in the best of times, South Asian pantries are stocked with staples that last. In the worst of times, we learn why that is.

The Uncancellable Jameela Jamil

In a time where beauty and marginalization are both strange forms of currency, some react to the Jameela Jamils of the world as hoarders of wealth.

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