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Sneha Mehta

Sneha Mehta is a graphic designer and writer from Mumbai, India who currently resides in New York City. She recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts’ MA in Design Research, Writing and Criticism program.

Decolonizing Design

A $100 laptop was supposed to change the world. Its failure reveals the dangers of the design and tech industry’s Western-centric conditioning.

The Kurta Makes its Fast-Fashion Debut

UNIQLO’s kurta collection popularizes the ancient South Asian garment, but also elicits mixed reactions.

Keeping Up with Cultural Appropriation

Are celebrities playing dress-up with South Asian fashion appropriating culture or celebrating culture? The problematic trend and corresponding debate hasn’t really gone away.

Why America’s Manhole Covers are “Made in India”

How a simple inscription embedded in the streets of America’s cities can trigger nostalgia and reveal stories about global trade.

Taking Art to India’s Streets

Non-profit St+art India is transforming the country’s urban spaces, one wall at a time.

The Sari Crusaders

How creative interventions are reimagining the sari as a 21st-century garment.

India's Type Designers

How India’s digital boom led to a type design renaissance for the country’s diverse languages and scripts.


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