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India Prepares to Vaccinate the World, Starting with Itself

As India launches its ambitious vaccine program, scientists fear the government is prioritizing national pride above national safety.

Alphabet Makes History with Biggest Tech Workers’ Union

South Asians make up just a fraction of unionized workers in the U.S. At Google, executive chair Parul Koul is helming the charge.

New WhatsApp Privacy Notice Leads to Surge in Signal, Telegram in India

Concerns over a new privacy policy have led to mass downloads of WhatsApp rivals in the messaging app’s biggest market.

How Lijjat Became a Global Papad Brand

The story of a women-owned cooperative that turned 80 rupees into a business worth millions of dollars.

The Apps That Got Us Through 2020

We couldn’t get enough of these mobile apps during a very strange, somewhat lonely year.

The Indian Tech Trends of 2020

How the industry changed in 2020, and where it’s headed next.

We Spoke to Doctors Who Took the COVID-19 Vaccine — Here’s What They Said

Healthcare workers roll up their sleeves during the first phase of U.S. distribution.

Death of the Masala Emperor, ‘MDH Dadaji’

Remembering the ubiquitous icon and his story of survival in the darkest times India’s known.

Remembering the Bhopal Gas Disaster

The son of a survivor reflects on one of the worst environmental disasters in history, and the American company that continues to evade justice 36 years later.

How a Bengali Tycoon Pioneered Strippers for Women and Became a Murderer

A series of gruesome deaths transformed Chippendales — an erotic nightclub for women with male strippers — into a real-life murder mystery.


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