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Will Indians Replace TikTok?

Indian founders rush to fill the gap created by India’s Monday ban of 59 Chinese apps.

American Newsrooms Are (Still) Too White

Recent newsroom snafus — yet again — highlight a stark problem in journalism: the media industry doesn’t reflect the audiences they serve.

The Deal of a Lifetime: Reliance’s Jio Platforms

Major investments into an ostensibly asset-light tech business are actually betting on Jio’s telco dominance. Everything else is just the cherry on top.

Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop the Indian Mango

Nearly 15 years after the infamous “nuclear mango deal,” Indian mangos are still hard to come by in the U.S. But there’s still hope.

“Essential” Liquor Stores Quench America’s Quarantine Thirst

South Asian American liquor store owners confront a dilemma: higher sales but higher risks.

India Abroad’s Print Demise

The iconic 50-year-old news organization for the Indian diaspora plots its digital-only future.

Coronavirus and “The World’s Pharmacy”

How Indian pharmaceutical companies are supplying the U.S. with hydroxychloroquine after Western pharma has been trying to undermine Indian pharma for years.

Why America’s Manhole Covers are “Made in India”

How a simple inscription embedded in the streets of America’s cities can trigger nostalgia and reveal stories about global trade.

WhatsApp is a Petri Dish of Coronavirus Misinformation

Why it’s so hard to stop fake news on the giant messaging platform.

Masala y Maiz: Colonized Tastebuds Not Welcome

The Mexico City restaurant doesn’t just serve a mix of flavors from South Asia and Mexico — it’s also unapologetically political.

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