Can China and India Coexist in Peace?
Can China and India Coexist in Peace?

If India and China cannot manage their insecurities, they will only keep butting heads — and not just at their border.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping walk together in Wuhan, China, in April 2018. (India Press Information Bureau)

As the sun set on June 15, dozens of Chinese and Indian soldiers came to blows in the Himalayas. Wielding clubs lined with barbed wire, they fought on steep terrain at the top of the world. At least 20 Indian men were beaten or fell to their deaths; many others were wounded on both sides of the battle (China has not released the number of its fatalities). It was the most violent confrontation between India and China since the 1960s, and the first deaths at their disputed border since 1975. By some measures, the fight came as a surprise. But the tension between these countries runs much deeper, at their disputed border and beyond.

Today, all eyes are trained on the ongoing situation and whether Beijing and New Delhi can resolve this border crisis, the worst of four in less than a decade. The outcome remains uncertain: talks to ease tensions have stalled, India on Monday banned 47 more Chinese apps beyond TikTok and the 58 other apps it had banned in June, and just today,

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